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Personal Injury 101 – Head Injuries from Car Accidents – What to Know

Tue Aug 4, 2020 | By: Law Firm of Walter Gabriel | General |

Head injuries from car accidents are very dangerous—which is why it is always recommended that helmets be worn when doing extreme sports or riding a motorcycle. Brain damages can be lethal, especially when enough trauma is dealt to the head. In other instances, people even die on the spot from such injuries after a car accident.

If you or someone you know got into an accident from which a brain injury occurred, because there is a risk of not recovering, it makes this a serious case to be worked on. With the help of a personal injury attorney, the whole scenario of an accident can be reviewed and analyzed to give justice to the aggrieved party.

In this post, we discuss brain injuries from car accidents, and important treatment protocol.

How Severe Can These Injuries Actually Be?

Depending on the severity of the crash, people may suffer different kinds of injuries to the head. Most minor accidents are now much safer thanks to airbags and other modern technology, like Whiplash Protection Systems, or WHIPS. These can save people from minor damages that get the airbags to deploy.

However, when driving down high-speed roads, such as the highway or an expressway, any accidents that occur at speeds of over 60MPH can practically mean death. If there are survivors, the chances are that they may have sustained harsh injuries—with head injuries most often included.

Even if you feel nothing on the spot and the person gets out alive, symptoms may appear a few days to weeks after. Which is when it becomes fatal and often irreversible. Some people experience only mild headaches at the start, only to require emergency care for brain damage a few days later.

If you know anyone who got into an accident, the first step is to call medical care units to assist on the scene, and then call a personal injury attorney to settle for damages. Car accidents and treating brain damage can be costly. Which is why an attorney can help you get the settlement you need by defending your side and fighting for your rights.

Different Brain Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

The most common injury people receive is a concussion—especially when involved in minor crashes or bumps. Concussions occur when the impact of the accident rocks your head due to sudden momentum and movement change.

Contusions are bruises that come from direct blows or impacts to the heads. This is not really the same as a skin bruise from working out or hitting something. As these may require surgical removal.

Coup-contrecoup happens when a moving head strikes a stationary object. When hit hard enough, they can result in contusions on both sides of the brain. This is common when a car rolls over at high speeds continuously and can be very lethal.

A Diffuse Anoxal is when the head rotates sharply, causing brain structures to tear. This occurs rapidly and occurs inside the skull.

Penetration is the worst one, as this means something has entered the skull and harmed the brain. Think of why people die from a gunshot to the head or when fragments fly at high speeds and hit the brain. This is almost always lethal or severely damaging at best.

Early Symptoms

You may experience trivial symptoms that you will just shrug off, like slower response times, difficulties balancing, nausea, and headaches to name a few. Leaving these to develop further is not advisable. Which is why you must always seek treatment and advice from a doctor. Don’t let the trivial feelings slip away, and have your brain scanned for damages immediately.

Head Injuries from Car Accidents – Conclusion

The head is a very important part that allows the body to function properly. Through the receptors in the nervous system, the signals the brain sends allow us to conduct daily functions and activities. Do not wait for symptoms to get worse, and contact a doctor ASAP. A car accident attorney will be of great help in getting the other party to shoulder expenses of medical bills.

At The Law Firm Of Walter Gabriel, we are ready to put our extensive knowledge of Georgia and Louisiana personal injury law to help you get the results you want in court. If anyone you know suffered from a life-changing accident, contact us so you can get the representation you deserve.