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Personal Injury Law – Why You Need Help with Trucking Accidents

Tue Jun 23, 2020 | By: Law Firm of Walter Gabriel | General |

While car accidents are common on any of the world’s roads, there is no doubt that truck accidents are also omnipresent and cause even heavier damage and destruction to property and human lives, and thus you need help with your trucking case. We have all seen live reports on the news of trucks colliding with other vehicles or buildings as a result of late-night journeys and lack of sleep. The results often never look promising for the other party involved. Because trucks are forty-ton boxes of power and cannot stop on a dime as a private vehicle can.

Because of the large amounts of damage these monolithic vehicles can do to others, you are best aided by a truck accident attorney who can help you around the relevant legal issues.

Why You Need The Services Of A Trucking Accident Attorney to Help With Your Trucking Case

Because the trucking industry has so many accidents on roads, companies often invest largely to protect their interests. Most of these companies are multimillion-dollar companies. They have lawyers on standby even if it is not your fault at all. Having the services of an attorney who specializes in trucking accidents is invaluable. Especially when it comes to going into court if you have suffered from an accident.

The law is a complicated discipline. Just like you wouldn’t trust yourself to do surgery, you would want a skilled Atlanta tractor trailer attorney handling your big truck accident case.

When Do I Hire The Services Of These Attorneys?

The sooner you hire an attorney, the better. When it comes to the law, time and details on the dot are extremely important, so seek the advice of a professional lawyer as soon as you can. Parties can clear evidence on the scenes of the accident very quickly. So be sure to document the case with photos, or check if the local area or another driver has CCTV or dashcam footage. Hard evidence supports your case extremely well and can be the difference between a win and a loss in court. Trucking companies are often extremely efficient in clearing up accident scenes. And delays with the procedure put them at an advantage to get away with it all.

What Are Issues That Can Aid My Case?

A good accident lawyer can assist in determining the liability of the accident. If you suffered damage, chances are that multiple parties are liable for damages. Such parties are likely the driver of the truck, the manufacturer of the vehicle, the company, and other parties.

They will also recommend you collect relevant information and evidence. Such as the employment and drug and alcohol histories of the driver, as well as insurance and more. Medical records of injuries will also help you get your case across as well as damage incident inspections towards your vehicle or property.

A trucking attorney is also aware of the federal and state laws that affect the trucking industry. A skilled tractor trailer attoney can help you with the ins and outs with dealing with multiple parties.

Help With Your Trucking Case – Conclusion

When it comes to the law, it is not advisable to navigate this field on your own without knowledge of it. Be sure to ask the right questions to your lawyer to help with things like legal fees, jurisdiction, and legal opinions on what routes to take. Being stuck with a permanent and life-changing accident is something nobody wants. So be sure you get properly compensated for anything that happens to you or anybody you love.

At the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, we are ready to handle your Atlanta big truck accident case. I have been practicing for over a decade, in both private and public cases. And I have secured favorable outcomes secured before the Louisiana Supreme Court under my belt. Contact me today for a free consultation, and remember that you PAY NOTHING unless YOU win!