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How Truck Accidents Differ from A Typical Car Accident

Tue Jun 16, 2020 | By: Law Firm of Walter Gabriel | General |

If you have always believed that big truck accidents are different from car accidents in the way they’re investigated and such, it might not be surprising to know that they are in fact done differently. This is because, while cars are subjugated to laws such as traffic rules, trucks also have to deal with professional regulations that can make the whole process even more complicated. After all, businesses use trucks and thus are under much more scrutiny than your typical family car.

With that said, here is how a truck accident can differ from a car accident:

Why Big Truck Accidents are Different – The Rules

Other than getting into an accident, there are just so many rules that a truck driver can violate. These rules are all put into consideration when building a case. For instance, rules can state that a driver cannot drive too long and must be tested for drugs. Other laws can also involve unfamiliarity with the road they are operating in and driving in adverse road conditions. Any of these rules, when found broken, are reasons to find the driver at fault.

Put simply, if you are a truck driver and find yourself in an accident, it is in your best interest that you do not violate any of these rules. Otherwise, it can make both you and the company you work for responsible for the incident.

Common Violations

What are the frequent violations of accidents that a truck driver can find himself or herself in? Well, the most common one would be driver fatigue. This is because many truck drivers drive more extended hours than they should, draining them of energy. This, in turn, causes them to drive much worse, putting them at higher risk of an accident.

Other common violations can be working with faulty trucks, such as one with a weak braking system, or a violation of traffic law, such as running a red light.

The Investigation

When it comes to truck accidents, investigations are much more thorough. For instance, experts reconstruct the entire accident. Also, experts know how to analyzed each component of the truck for any possible faults.

Other than that, other processes that you might share with a standard car accident can be police interviewing the witnesses as well as reviewing pictures from the scene.

All of these are done to add as much evidence as possible to the case, helping a lawyer identify who exactly is to blame. Could it be you, the driver, or could it be the truck driver who drove into you? The blame can land on the company itself and even to the manufacturer of the components. This, of course, is only possible with a thorough investigation.

Big Truck Accidents Are Different – Conclusion

As you can see, getting into a truck accident is no laughing matter. With a lot of investigation, there is a lot of time, energy, and money spent trying to win the case.

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