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Defending Your Rights – What You Should Do After A Car Crash

Tue Jul 14, 2020 | By: Law Firm of Walter Gabriel | General |

An accident on the road can be a frightening experience because it can endanger not only yourself but also your passengers and other drivers on the road, especially if you don’t know your rights after a car crash. For this reason, the unpredictability of aggressive drivers has put many citizens at risk. To protect your rights during the occurrence of these accidents, you need to familiarize yourself with how to use the law to defend your rights.

“What causes car crashes?”

Driving-related accidents primarily result from offenses from aggressive or reckless drivers. These types of acts endanger people and also different types of properties. Listed below are some examples of actions that can be classified as aggressive driving:

  • Driving past red lights or stop signs
  • Swerving or making unsafe lane changes
  • Refusing to yield or use turn signals
  • Ignoring signals and responses from other drivers
  • Driving on the sidewalk
  • Speeding or instigating other drivers to speed up
  • Driving too fast against harsh weather conditions
  • Racing
  • Tailgating

“What causes aggressive driving?”

Aggressive driving is typically attributed to drivers who have poor anger management or impulses. This makes them prone to causing accidents on the road through aggressive and impatient maneuvers. Although most of these offenses result from driving-related situations such as dense traffic or harsh weather conditions, a motorist can also be agitated to perform these instances due to personal reasons.

Your Rights After A Car Crash – “What should I do if I encounter an aggressive driver?”

Aggressive drivers can range from mild offenders to explosive motorists driven by road rage. Similar to other vehicular accidents, you need to follow proper safety protocol to ensure that you settle the matter safely and in a civil manner.

First, you should remember to remain at the scene of the incident. Next, you should contact 911 to report the state of your vehicle and yourself and also if you have any passengers who are in need of medical attention. Keep in mind to prepare your insurance information so that you can resolve the matter of dealing with your vehicle’s property damages afterward.

On the other hand, if an aggressive driver is threatening you, you should remain in your car or a safe area near the accident until law enforcement officers arrive. Communicate only with the police officers and not directly with the other driver. At the same time, make sure that you document evidence to prove the other driver’s aggression if the aggressive driver is confrontational. Both physical and verbal actions are valuable evidence in defending your case.

“How do I seek money after a car accident?”

Aggressive drivers must be held accountable for the damage they’ve caused to you and your vehicle. Depending on the severity of the encounter and the amount of evidence presented, you may seek payment for the following:

  • Medical treatments for the crash, including long-term injury care
  • Lost wages due to incapacitation
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Trauma and suffering from the incident

In terms of personal injury claims, you generally have two years from the date of the incident to seek compensation from the other driver in Georgia. Keep this in mind when drafting a strategy with your attorney in gathering sufficient evidence, such as witness testimonies and surveillance videos, to strengthen the validity of your claims.

Your Rights After A Car Crash – Conclusion

Remember that staying safe while driving should always be your top priority. Regardless of one’s disposition, it doesn’t excuse you or anyone else from acting aggressively in undermining other people’s safety. If you encounter an aggressive driver on the road, you need an experienced attorney to represent you. This is to make sure that you maximize your compensation.

If you need an Atlanta personal injury attorney to help defend your case in a car crash, our team is prepared to support you. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll make sure that you’re professionally represented with your case!