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Tanker and Cargo Ship Accidents Attorney In Atlanta, Georgia, Serving Louisiana

Despite the fact that crew members aboard tankers and cargo ships are exposed to significant dangers over the course of their employment, many maritime employers fail to implement proper measures to shield their crew member employees from harm from tanker and cargo ship accidents, thus bringing forth the need for a skilled Louisiana tanker and cargo ship accident attorney.

Attorney Gabriel understands how important it is for those who suffer injuries to recover full compensation. As well as how overwhelming the litigation process can be for the injured. He is committed to working closely with our clients. He keeps them apprised of case developments and to clarify any questions or concerns they may have as litigation proceeds. Contact the firm to learn more about how Attorney Gabriel can help.

Poor Weather Conditions

Tankers and cargo ships tend to spend a significant amount of time away from the shore infrastructure, exposing crew members to the elements to a greater degree than those working aboard inland vessels. The operators and their crew member employees, including the captain and navigator, must be cognizant of the possibility of inclement weather conditions and must develop proper protocols to ensure that the crew is not subject to an unreasonable risk of harm as a result of such exposure.

For example, if a cargo ship attempts to navigate through a highly-trafficked corridor during severe weather conditions, there will be a heightened risk of a collision or allision accident. It is up to the employer to establish clear operating standards. And to train their crew members appropriately to ensure that the vessel will be handled in a reasonably safe manner given the conditions.

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Container Hazards Caused by Tanker and Cargo Ship Accidents

Crew members aboard cargo ships may face injury hazards linked to the containers themselves. Negligence includes:

  • Inadequate maintenance of containers and latching mechanisms

  • Unsecured cargo

  • Excessive cargo loading

  • Improper training of workers handling loading and unloading

  • Faulty rigging

  • And more

Chemical and Fire-Related Hazards

Crew members aboard tankers may face injury hazards linked to the dangerous chemicals being transported by the vessel. Negligence includes:

  • Failure to provide adequate fire suppression equipment

  • Failure to properly train workers in firefighting procedures

  • Inadequate safety protocol for evacuating vessel in the event of exposure to dangerous chemicals or fire-related hazards

  • Inadequate facilities to provide immediate aid in the event of chemical exposure

  • And more

Speak to a Skilled Louisiana Tanker and Cargo Ship Accident Attorney

The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC is a personal injury litigation firm with experience handling a wide range of disputes, including those that involve accidents that lead to maritime worker injuries.

Fundamentally, the maritime industry is one that often pits workers against large multinational entities with significant resources at their disposal.  Given the significant challenges typical of such litigation, it’s important that you work with an attorney who understands the dynamics of the industry. And that your attorney knows how best to guide a client through litigation in a way that leads to a timely and favorable result.

Attorney Gabriel puts clients front and center. He takes the time to understand their litigation goals and concerns. And he begins the process of building a communicative partnership as quickly as possible. This high level of communication with the client enables the ability to act decisively on their behalf over the course of litigation.

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