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Car Accident Injury Lawyer Riverdale GA

Riverdale GA Car Accident Injury Attorney

Walter Gabriel is a highly recommend Riverdale car crash lawyer for people injured in car crashes in the Riverdale area and spanning Georgia. Each year, car accidents produce thousands of deaths and irreversible changes to many lives. In 2020, 42,060 Americans lost their lives to car incidents — up 8 percent from 2019, and the first increase in four years. Accidents often cause major and lasting consequences, even if the collision is minimal.

Frequent injuries that car accident affected individuals sustain include:

• Neck discomfort/back discomfort

• Muscle strain

• Numbness/tingling in upper/lower appendage

• Cervicalgia

• Paresthesia

• Headache

• Sleeping issues

• Fatigue

• Shooting aches and pains in legs

• Disc bulging

• neck and back misalignment

• Radiculopathy

• Joint Separation

• Lumbar bruise

• Dysfunction of the cervical region

Some of the most serious car accidents cause:

• Traumatic brain injury

• Burn damage

• Catastrophic injury

• Wrongful death

Those who are unfamiliar with the litigation process see car crashes as easy to handle. However, litigation complicates matters as the dispute evolves.

In this guide, learn more about automobile accidents in Riverdale and why you need to hire an experienced attorney to fight for the settlement you deserve.

Table of Contents

• Common Scenarios for Car Accidents

• Common Risk Factors That Contribute to Car Accidents in Riverdale

• What Are Your Rights After a Car Accident in?

• What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Riverdale?

• Do I Need an Riverdale Car Accident Attorney if an Insurance Company Offers Me Money?

• When You Can Not Afford an Car Accident Attorney

• What If a Police Officer Does Not Cite the Other Driver?

• What If the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Calls Me?

• I Do Not Feel Hurt. Do I Still Need to See A Doctor?

• Do I Have A Case If I Was Partly At Fault?

• How Do I Get My Car Repaired?

• What If the Other Driver Did Not Have Insurance?

• Can an Riverdale Car Accident Attorney Tell Me What My Case Is Worth?

• If I Hire an Riverdale Car Accident Attorney, Do I Have to visit Court?

• My Car Accident Happened When Traveling Outside of Georgia. Who Do I Hire?

• Statute of Limitations for Car Accidents in Georgia

• Statute of Limitations for Car Accidents in Louisiana

• Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer After a Car Accident?

• Contact an Experienced Riverdale Car Accident Attorney for a Free and Confidential Consultation

Common Situations for Car Crashes

Suppose a driver was text messaging when they collided with another person. This instance might seem simple upon first impression. But there is more to litigation than demonstrating the defendant is liable. Walter Gabriel thinks that, in cases like this, the total amount of compensation determines success. There is a discrepancy between receiving $100,000 and $250 in damages.

Perhaps, in your case, the defendant questions the extent of your injuries. Or the defendant believes you contributed (partially) to the crash, which then lowers your compensation. As you can see, if the defendant is hostile, they could complicate your dispute. You should always work with a knowledgeable Riverdale car accident lawyer who advocates vigorously on your behalf. Call the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel or book a complimentary consultation. You pay NOTHING unless you WIN.

Contact an Experienced Riverdale Car Accident Attorney for a Free and Private Consultation

The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC has extensive experience in a broad range of personal injury claims, including car wreck disputes. Walter Gabriel has worked as both a prosecutor and plaintiff’s attorney. His unique understanding comes from the substantial breadth and depth of his experiences in litigation.

Typical Risk Factors That Contribute to Car Collisions

Quite a few risk factors often contribute to car accidents. Examples include:

• Mechanical defects.

• Road hazards.

• inebriated driving.

• preoccupied driving.

• Speeding.

• Unlicensed drivers.

• Following too closely.

• Violation of the hands-free law.

Not all disputes progress in the same way. Accident claims can give rise to arguments based on premises liability, product defect liability, and other theories. The damages presented to an injured plaintiff may vary along a wide spectrum depending on the circumstances that caused the accident.

For instance, a Georgia court may award compensatory damages and also penalize the accused with punitive damages. Georgia law allows for punitive damages under limited circumstances. (For example, drunk driving accidents where the defendant acted with a careless disregard for safety.)

What Are Your Rights After a Car Crash in Riverdale?

Before you consider damages, you must establish liability. (The other party must have caused your motor vehicle crash.)

The other motorist might dispute liability if your automotive was side-swiped or when there is no police record. So reach out to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Once you establish liability, you may receive compensation for:

• Medical bills

• Future medical bills

• Physical pain/suffering

• Emotional trauma

• Lost wages

• Loss of consortium

• Permanent physical impairment

• Punitive damages

If injured, you may receive compensation for medical bills that you incurred after your collision. If a doctor says you need long-term medical treatment, you may receive a extra payment. Regardless, you deserve compensation for the physical serious pain you suffer. In our legal system, money is the only form of redress for your traumas.

How much money you get for your pain depends on multiple factors. If you endure emotional trauma (regardless of whether the stress caused you to seek mental health counseling), you might get compensation. Time lost from work is also a cause for damages. If you can no longer undertake daily activities such as gardening or spending time with your young ones, you too might receive compensation. Juries and courts typically award punitive damages to punish wrongful conduct.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Riverdale?

• Check for the condition of other passengers in the car with you, and if safe, make sure the other driver is also in a good condition.

• If automobiles are in a safe place, then call the police.

• If things are cordial between you and the other vehicle driver, exchange insurance information with one another.

• DO NOT provide a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance provider.

• Immediately seek medical attention after the responding police officer concludes their investigation of the crash scene and gives you with a police report number.

• Once you make it home, check the terms page of your automobile insurance coverage to see if you have either Med-Pay or personal injury protection to pay medical bills for your collision.

• Be sure to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or another doctor within your health insurance community who customarily treats people injured in car crashes.

Do I Need a Car collision Attorney if an insurance carrier Offers Me Money?

While it is always best to contact with an experienced car accident lawyer, you may want to settle your car crash case.

You recognize your injuries are minor after consulting with a medical practitioner. The insurance company payout is enough to cover your medical-related bills and compensate for your pain and suffering. It may make sense to settle your case without an attorney. However, we advise that you still consult with an attorney before a settlement. The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel provides free assistance about whether your offer is fair.

When You Can Not Afford a Car Accident Attorney

Riverdale car collision lawyer Walter Gabriel can help. For car collision cases, we never bill a client out of pocket for any charges. So clients do not pay us any money before their claim settles.

To put it another way, when you sign on as a client with our legal firm, you will not pay us a single dollar. Once your case settles or reaches a jury verdict, our fee comes from a portion of your recovery. If your case does not end up in a settlement or jury verdict, you will still not owe any expense. (A contingency fee agreement)

What If a Police Officer Does Not Cite the Other Vehicle Driver?

As long as the other driver is at fault for your car accident, you should be able to establish your entitlement to money for medical bills and injuries. Sometimes, the responding officer might believe the other driver to be culpable but decided not to issue a traffic ticket. While the officer provides a neutral explanation of the accident, they are not necessarily an eyewitness.

Speak with a seasoned Riverdale car accident lawyer to learn more. Call the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel today.

What If the Other Driver’s Insurance Carrier Calls Me?

Regardless of whether you have an attorney, you are under no commitment to speak to the other driver’s insurance company. (You have nothing to benefit from speaking to the other driver’s insurance associate.)

If you don’t have an attorney when the other driver’s insurance carrier calls, tell the insurance rep that you do not wish to answer questions about your injuries or how the crash occurred. If you have an attorney, inform the insurance company that you have legal representation. The insurance adjuster should stop questioning you about the car crash.

I Do Not Feel Hurt. Do I Still Need to See A Physician?

Yes, you should always see a doctor after a car crash. Our No.1 goal is to help you return your physical and mental health to where it was before the wreck took place. You may not know that you have experienced an injury until days (or weeks) after the accident occurred. A late visit to a doctor may harm your medical recovery.

Do I Have A Case If I Was Partially At Fault?

When in doubt about whether you have a car accident case, you should always consult with a seasoned car accident lawyer. Our attorney-client meetings are free, so there is no harm in talking with a knowledgeable Riverdale lawyer to determine whether you still have a case, despite what you may think about your role in contributing to the car crash.

Sometimes, even if you are partly at fault for your car accident, you may still be able to collect money from your car accident case. Call Riverdale car accident lawyer Walter Gabriel to find out more.

How Do I Get My Car Repaired?

• Once the police officer finishes their report, which usually takes a few days, you will discover the other driver’s insurance company (and policy number).

• Use this information to open a property damage claim against the other driver’s insurance policy. Doing so helps you prevent paying a deductible for your car repair.

• Select a reputable body shop to repair your car.

• Once you have selected a dealer, inform the other driver’s car insurance adjuster.

• The body shop should send you an estimate for your repairs. It should also notify you of the final cost once it has completed repairs.

• Often, the body shop will bill the insurance company directly. Here, you will not have to worry about payment for your car repairs.

What If the Other Driver Did Not Have Insurance?

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM coverage) will apply when the driver who causes the wreck did not have an insurance policy. If you have an uninsured motorist policy, then you have cover to add to your claim. To see if you have uninsured motorist cover, you should review your auto insurance declarations page.

Even if your automobile policy shows that you do not have uninsured motorist coverage, you still may receive cover. These situations include:

1. Living in the same house-hold as another person who had UM coverage at the time of the collision.

2. You were a permissive driver of a vehicle with UM coverage.

3. You were a passenger in a vehicle where the driver had UM coverage.

Generally, there are two types of uninsured motorist coverage:

• Add-on (or excess) without insurance motorist coverage. These policies allow you to stack coverage on top of the liability policy.

• Reduced by coverage. This policy equates to the amount of liability coverage less the amount of UM available.

Can my Riverdale Car Crash Attorney Tell Me What My Case Is Worth?

The value of car accidents always depends on varied factors as no two cases are the same.

Common factors affecting the value of settlement include:

• quantity of medical bills.

• Type of medical treatment required.

• Duration of medical treatment.

• The extent of time missed from work.

• Whether permanent bodily impairment exists.

• Whether a doctor performs or recommends surgery.

• The potential location of the lawsuit.

• Whether the accused is a co-operative defendant.

Understand that there is no set formula for determining the value of an accident claim. Subjectivity applies when considering what a jury might do when deciding the extent of your pain and suffering. Compensation does not have a predetermined dollar amount.

If I Hire an Riverdale Car Accident Attorney, Do I Have to Visit Court?

No. An experienced Riverdale car accident lawyer like Walter Gabriel knows it is not a necessity. Most claims for car accidents settle without ever having to sue. Also, the vast majority of cases conclude before a legal proceeding before a jury takes place. Claims for car crashes settle when the insurance company offers enough money to meet medical bills and pay for pain and suffering. Whether or not a case goes to trial, of course, often depends on you. Call Riverdale car accident attorney Walter Gabriel to discuss your case today.

My Car Crash Happened When Traveling Outside of Georgia. Who Do I Hire?

We settle cases on behalf of those who were:

• Living outside of Georgia when their collision occurred.

• Located outside of Georgia when their accident took place.

We are Riverdale car accident attorneys, but we frequently represent out-of-state clients in the location where the client received injuries.

Statute of Limitations for collisions in Georgia

Statutes of limitations are statutes that stipulate the deadline to sue. If you cannot sue in time, you relinquish the right to damages. Georgia drivers, in most cases, have two years from the collision to sue. Claimants making claims against cities in Georgia must properly deliver an ante litem notice within just six months.

Courts impose strict guidelines for what constitutes ample notice to cities in Georgia. If you wish to make your suit with the City of Riverdale, for example, the Riverdale City Council has a claim form on its web page. Claimants must provide similar notice properly delivered to Georgia counties inside of 12 months and Georgia state agencies within 12 months.

If a claimant is a minor, Georgia extends the statute of limitations until he or she turns 18 years old. Where the underlying tort is a crime, tolling provisions also apply. Tolling also happens when either the claimant or at-fault driver has died. If you are unable to file your claim before the deadline passes, you will lose your right to recoup. Georgia imposes a two-year deadline for the majority injury claims, but shorter deadlines exist for claims against Georgia government agencies.

Given the value of filing a timely claim, get in touch with the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel right away. Walter Gabriel will evaluate your car accident injury claim and provide you with fair advice.

Why Should You Hire a Car Collision Attorney After a Car Accident?

A car accident attorney in Riverdale:

• offers full legal representation if your case goes to court.

• Helps you settle a case outside of court.

• Helps you understand the complicated legal system.

• Provides continuous legal support.

• Fights for the compensation you need.

Contact an Experienced Riverdale Car Accident Attorney for a Free and private Consultation

The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC has substantial experience in a broad range of personal injury claims, including car accident disputes. Walter Gabriel has worked as both a prosecutor and plaintiff’s attorney. His unique perspective comes from the substantial breadth and depth of his experience in litigation.

Close engagement with the client is the secret to effective legal representation in a personal injury case. Walter Gabriel evaluates critical information about the accident and addresses all concerns. Contact Walter Gabriel to find out if you have a case. Request a free and confidential consultation with a skilled Riverdale personal injury lawyer.