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Catastrophic Injuries

Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a serious accident and have suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of another’s negligent, reckless, or intentional acts, then you may have a cause of action against the defendant for damages under the law. The difference between a straightforward personal injury case and one that centers around a catastrophic injury is rather substantial, as the damages may be an order of magnitude larger. This can increase the complexity of handling the case, though the potential compensation and the desperate circumstances surrounding the injury typically make litigating such a dispute worthwhile.

We Handle a Wide Range of Disputes

We represent a range of clients, including those who have been subject to life-altering impairments due to:

Catastrophic injury litigation may feature different underlying circumstances, but the fundamental challenges are essentially the same. The breadth of our litigation experiences has therefore deepened our insight into what works (and what doesn’t) when navigating the complexity of a catastrophic injury dispute, regardless of the circumstantial differences influencing the case at-hand.

Multiple Sources of Recovery May Be Necessary

In catastrophic injury disputes, the damages may be so high that a single defendant (including their insurance coverage and their personal assets) cannot cover the range of losses that the plaintiff has suffered. As such, effective representation requires that the plaintiff’s attorney identify other avenues of recovery and pursue actionable claims against those who may have more comprehensive insurance coverage or “deeper pockets.”

For example, suppose that you have sustained catastrophic injuries in a truck accident due to a reckless driver. The driver may not have sufficient insurance coverage to fully compensate you for your losses, but if you can impose vicarious liability on their employer, then you may gain access to a more sufficient source of damages.

Catastrophic Injury Litigation Requires Deft Handling

Though no two cases are the same, there are certainly observable trends. In the catastrophic injury context, many plaintiffs encounter similar issues: they may be struggling with expenses due to their inability to work, they may be emotionally overwhelmed by the prospect of having to change their lifestyle, and they may be concerned about litigating their case due to how much is riding on its success.

At the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC, we understand these factors and are careful in guiding the plaintiff through litigation so as to ensure that nothing is thrown out-of-balance (to the extent possible). For example, we are willing and able to take a case to trial, if necessary. This willingness ensures that the defendant must take your claim seriously, and  the defendant will therefore be more likely to negotiate a favorable settlement compromise early in the litigation process.

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The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC is a personal injury firm located in Atlanta and Alexandria, Louisiana and serving clients throughout the state of Louisiana, and in the Atlanta metro area, too. We have extensive experience handling litigation involving a variety of defendants, from individuals to small, local businesses to large multinational corporations with substantial resources at their disposal.

If you’d like to speak to an experienced Atlanta catastrophic injury attorney about your claims, we encourage you to call 318-445-2121 or send us a message online  to schedule a free and confidential consultation. We look forward to working with you.