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Atlanta Tractor Trailer Crash Closes I-75, I-85 Near Langford PKWY

Law Firm of Walter Gabriel Feb. 17, 2021

An Atlanta tractor trailer crash forced southbound lanes of I-75 and 1-85 to close. Investigators say the tractor trailer crash happened on the Langford Parkway exit ramp to I-75 around 10 am Monday, February 15, 2021. 

The driver of the tractor trailer lost control of the 18-wheeler while trying to negotiate a curve. The big truck struck a guard fence and landed on its side after it crashed into an overpass wall on Highway 166. A spokesperson for Georgia State Patrol said the tractor trailer truck was hanging “dangerously close” over Interstate 75 and 85 in Atlanta. 

Authorities closed all southbound lanes of I-75 and I-85 while crews worked to remove the tractor trailer from the highway above. Local news outlets reported an apparent crane lifted the big truck into an upright position around 12:15 Monday afternoon. Crews working the crash site towed the 18-wheeler from the Langford Parkway overpass at 1 pm. Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) responded to the scene and repaired the dangling fence. All lanes of joint interstate 75 and interstate 85 reopened around 2:30 pm. 

The tractor trailer was loaded with 44 tons of toilets and sinks when it crashed. The driver of the tractor trailer suffered minor injuries. Medics transported the tractor trailer driver to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Fortunately, there were no additional reports of injuries.

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Atlanta big truck attorney Walter Gabriel represents people injured in tractor trailer crashes. The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel understands tractor trailers transport goods across Georgia – and all over North America. It is important to understand that these 18-wheelers pose grave danger as they can cause deadly accidents. 

The average passenger vehicle on the road weighs 2.5 tons. Compare that to a big truck which can weigh up to 30 tons. The additional weight from tractor trailers make it more difficult to navigate and take longer to come to a complete stop. This puts other everyone on the road at risk. Atlanta tractor trailer lawyer Walter Gabriel represents people injured or killed in big truck accidents in Atlanta. We represent victims of big truck accidents across the entire state of Georgia and in Louisiana.

A Tractor Trailer Crash Can Be Devastating

Families pursuing their claims against at-fault parties may recover significant damages. This includes reimbursement for burial expenses, medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium. Attorney Walter Gabriel and his staff continue to pray for the families impacted by the untimely loss of their loved ones. 

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It is important that families are made aware that big trucks are backed by big insurance companies. It is not unusual for these big insurance companies to deny liability. You need an experienced Atlanta tractor trailer crash attorney. You need Attorney Walter Gabriel. He has the background and legal know-how to fight big truck insurance companies. The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC is a personal injury firm. We have extensive experience handling Atlanta big truck accidents. This includes those that involve “big trucks” category vehicles — 18-wheelers, vans, buses, and other large vehicles. 

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Atlanta Tractor Trailer Crash Reduced Contingency Fee

If your family member was killed due to a tractor-trailer driver’s negligence, we offer a reduced contingency fee. For any individual who retains the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel under this circumstance, we offer a contingency fee of 20% of the gross amount that we recover for any wrongful death trucking case that settles before we file a lawsuit. If we need to file lawsuit, our contingency fee is only 30% of the gross amount that we recover. We are able to provide a reduced contingency fee because we are confident that we will maximize your recovery for your family’s wrongful death claim related to a claim against a big truck company. We are very aware that the gap in what can be recovered in a trucking wrongful death claim can be substantial.