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Karen D.’s Client Testimonial

Law Firm of Walter Gabriel Jan. 22, 2019

Karen D. from Atlanta area:

“I was involved in a two car accident which was not my fault. I was driving down a highway and the other driver was traveling in the opposite direction and turned left in front of me, causing an accident that totaled both our cars. The other driver was ticketed for failure to yield right of way. As a result of my injuries, I had multiple medical appointments and bills, including: ER visits, orthopedic and neurologist appointments, physical therapy, and pain management treatment.

The driver at fault’s insurance company paid me for my totaled car, and in the beginning the insurance company said they would pay for my medical expenses and compensation, but when it came down to paying, they either didn’t want to pay for medical or only wanted to pay a portion of the bills. Since the accident was not my fault, I felt the other driver’s insurance should reimburse me for all medical expenses I’d paid out of my own pocket. The insurance company was giving me the runaround and I became quite frustrated and stressed in trying to handle the situation on my own. I decided I needed help dealing with the insurance company.

I called the Atlanta Bar Association and they recommended Walter Gabriel’s law firm. When I called Mr. Gabriel’s firm and talked to Walter and his staff, I felt compassion and professionalism. I signed a contract and from the time I signed the contract, I felt a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. Walter Gabriel and his firm took over and handled everything for me. They took care of dealing with the insurance companies, doctors, and all legal issues. Walter negotiated my medical bills down and he recovered all medical expenses and obtained a much larger settlement than I had anticipated or expected. He knew the ins and outs of how and where insurance legally owed me for medical bills and compensation as a result of this accident. In looking back, I know if I had continued on my own as I had originally planned, I would not have been fairly reimbursed or compensated by insurance.

Mr. Gabriel’s law firm was well-organized, knowledgeable, courteous, compassionate, timely, and professional. Walter and his staff were easy to contact and they responded promptly to my questions or concerns through emails or phone calls. When it came time to deal with the insurance companies, Walter was thorough and well-prepared in representing me. I would definitely recommend Mr. Gabriel’s law firm to anyone in need of legal representation.”