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Mcdonough Native Killed in Crash Involving Tractor Trailer on I-70 in Kansas

Law Firm of Walter Gabriel March 11, 2021

A fatal tractor trailer crash killed Brooke Naylor Rees, a native of McDonough, Georgia. The seven-vehicle pile-up happened on Interstate 70 near the S.E. 3rd Street exit in Topeka, Kansas on February 24, 2021. Police say they received calls of a multi-vehicle crash around 4:20pm. 29-year-old Brooke Naylor Rees died after large unsecured metal pipes fell from a tractor trailer traveling in the opposite direction. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the large metal pipes spilled over the interstate’s concrete barrier and struck several passenger vehicles.

The McDonough, GA native died after metal pipes from the big truck struck her car. 

The fatal tractor trailer crash report said 38-year-old Jesse C. Vannoy was traveling eastbound on the interstate. Investigators say the load of massive metal pipes Vannoy’s big truck was carrying detached from the semi-trailer. The metal pipes flew into the westbound lanes. Highway patrol shut down both lanes of the interstate for several hours. No one else was injured in the tractor trailer crash.

I-70 Polk-Quincy Viaduct

The fatal tractor trailer crash happened on the I-70 Polk-Quincy Viaduct. Plans are underway to widen that stretch of the highway and make it less sharp. State officials say the redesign will make it safer for motorists. The interstate Polk-Quincy Viaduct was constructed in 1963. It consists of 30 spans of reinforced concrete box girder. It also includes 9 spans of steel welded plate girder.

Dangers Tractor Trailers Pose to Others

Truck accidents — particularly those involving “big trucks,” or “18 wheelers” such as a tractor trailer truck or large passenger bus — expose others on the road to life-threatening dangers when not operated properly. Though the negligent operation of a vehicle is always dangerous, the negligent operation of a truck may lead to an accident that has a higher chance of causing catastrophic injuries, or even death.

The average passenger vehicle weighs around 2.5 tons. Compare that to a big truck which can weigh up to 30 tons — and take longer to come to a complete stop. This puts other drivers at risk. Metro Atlanta big truck attorney Walter Gabriel understands that these 18-wheelers pose grave danger as they can cause deadly accidents. The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel represents people injured or killed in big truck accidents.

Common Causes of Big Truck Accidents

There are various factors that result in big truck accidents. These include:

  • Failure to properly secure load

  • Failure to properly maintain equipment

  • The driver is unlicensed (or has an expired or inadequate license)

  • Improper loading

  • Negligent operation of a vehicle on sharp turns

  • Poor weather conditions

  • Speeding

  • Reckless driving

  • Intoxicated driving

  • Distracted driving (for example cell phone use)

  • Fatigue


If you or someone you love sustains injury from an accident, contact the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel. In many fatal tractor-trailer crashes like this, we offer a reduced contingency arrangement. For any individual who retains the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel under this circumstance, we offer a reduced contingency arrangement of only 20% of the gross amount we recover for any wrongful death trucking case that we settle pre-suit. 

If we file a lawsuit, our contingency fee is only 30% of the gross amount that we recover. We are able to provide a reduced contingency fee because we are confident that we will maximize your recovery for your family’s wrongful death claim related to a claim against a big truck company. In no circumstance would a family under this circumstance pay any out-of-pocket fees.

The tragic and untimely death of 29-year-old Brooke Naylor Rees is heartbreaking. We believe this beautiful young woman had a bright future ahead of her. We send our deepest condolences to Mrs. Rees’ husband, Thomas Rees; parents Steve and Dana Naylor and the Naylor and Rees families. We share in the sadness of the McDonough, Georgia community who loved her so dearly.

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What if The Crash Happened Outside of Georgia or Louisiana?

 In many cases, the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel can still represent you. Personal injury attorney Walter Gabriel is licensed to practice law in both Georgia and Louisiana. However, trucking cases are often tried in federal courts, and the question of which state should have jurisdiction often arises in cases where commercial motor vehicles as defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are common in trucking cases. For this reason, do not hesitate to contact the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel for a free consultation for your trucking case, even if the collision occurred outside of Georgia and Louisiana. Find out if you have a case. Call 404-549-6742 or submit a case evaluation form online to request a free and confidential consultation with a skilled Atlanta big truck accident lawyer at the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC today.

Hiring Atlanta Big Truck Crash Attorney Walter Gabriel

Why Choose Us? If you’ve been injured in a big truck accident, we encourage you to contact the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC, who can help you secure the compensation that you and your family deserve. Attorney Walter Gabriel has built a career representing the interests of those who have been harmed in various personal injury scenarios, including accidents that involve big trucks. He has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. With his years of experience and excellent reputation, you can improve your chances of getting the right amount of compensation after an accident. We continue to provide our clients with the legal support they need to navigate complex legislation that pertains to big truck accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and more.

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The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, LLC is a personal injury firm with extensive experience handling Atlanta big truck accidents, including those that involve “big trucks” category vehicles — 18-wheelers, vans, buses, and other large vehicles. Successfully litigating such disputes requires a deep understanding of the hierarchies of responsibility that contributed to or otherwise influenced the accident. We are a fundamentally client-oriented firm. We closely collaborate with our clients and take the time to learn about their goals and concerns. This informational advantage enables us to act swiftly and decisively when opportunities arise in litigation.

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