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Motorcycle Accidents – Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Law Firm of Walter Gabriel Sept. 14, 2020

Motorcycle accidents on the road are not uncommon, as there are hazards that occur on a daily basis. Motorcycles, in particular, are often at risk for fatalities due to the lack of safety devices and functionalities.

Getting A Personal Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accidents can be difficult to trace without proper evidence, which is why legal consultants are a must-have when entering Court to get your case across. A personal injury attorney can assist with your accidents in many ways. 

To emphasize this point further, here are a few of the reasons why you should hire a personal injury attorney’s services when you get into a motorcycle accident:

They Will Help Decide What Your Case Is Worth

More often than not, medical bills from a motorcycle accident can get exorbitantly high. This is not something you want to be shelling out money from your own pocket for, especially if it was not your fault! 

A personal injury attorney can help find the true figures needed to compensate you for all your damages. The compensation will include the money used to cover your pain and suffering, lost wages, and any disabilities contracted from the incident.

They Can Assist With Your Case If It Needs To Be Brought To Court

Many personal injury cases are settled without the need to be brought to a courtroom, except the instances wherein insurance companies fail to payout. This is where it can get difficult, as the insurance premium you paid for should cover at least something depending on the degree of the plan. 

When going after an insurance provider, they likely have their line of high-caliber lawyers on standby. This is where your own personal injury lawyer comes in. It would be a risk to take things into your own hands if you do not have sufficient knowledge of the justice system. Having a professional help you out can increase your chances of victory, getting you the compensation you deserve for your pain.

They Can Help You Negotiate With Insurance Providers

Remember that after an accident, the person at-fault’s insurance provider will reach out to you as soon as possible. Their goal is to negotiate with you as best as they can. And to convince you to settle claims for as little money as possible. 

This is where many people lose out, and you want to be fully compensated for all damages and grievances done against you. A personal injury attorney can help manage these negotiations and help you get what you want. 

Choosing The Right Lawyer For A Motorcycle Accident Case

Remember that law is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Different lawyers have different fields of expertise. At the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, in particular, we focus solely in the field of personal injury and accidents. This means that we deal with injury cases for any vehicular accident!

Interviewing several attorneys is a good way to find one that fits for you and determine who will actually fight for your case in court. Knowing their experience will help you feel safer and more confident that things will go well! Additionally, be sure the attorney fits your budget and their terms when it comes to settlement of a case. 

Never make a decision on the spot. Make sure you select your attorney properly. There are many good ones—but not all will be the right fit for your case.


Motorcycle accidents can be deadly and fatal. Some walk away fine, others walk away with a life-changing disability, and some, unfortunately, don’t make it. By investing properly into a good personal injury attorney, you can recuperate from the damages. And receive compensation properly for your troubles.

Are you looking for a motorcycle accidents attorney in Atlanta to help you out after a motorcycle accident? At the Law Firm of Walter Gabriel, we have the best personal injury attorneys. We are ready to help you get the results you want in court. If anyone you know has suffered a life-changing accident, contact us and let us help you!