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Receiving Safe Medical Treatment After a Personal Injury in The Age of Coronavirus

Law Firm of Walter Gabriel April 13, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about an era of uncertainty, and what’s of the highest importance is receiving safe medical treatment. Business firm McKinsey & Company alludes to a new normal that proceeds from the storm. The term refers to a restructuring of economic order and societal function. However, it is easy to forget that life goes on. For instance, the need for medical treatment after a personal injury remains vital. 

A personal injury essentially occurs from to the negligence of another. Common causes include motor accidents and on-the-job injuries. Some injuries may seem minor on the surface level. However, complications such as those from head injuries may be largely symptomless and life-threatening. Thus, prompt examination and treatment of the injury are necessary in most if not all cases. 

Unfortunately, people who suffer from personal injury are understandably on edge or uncertain of how to get the best treatment possible amidst the chaos. People who sustain personal injury may choose to defer or ignore treatment as a result of current circumstances. Their fear and doubts may stem from two possibilities:

  • The fear of infection due to exposure within medical facilities. 

  • Poor medical treatment or negligence due to the priority for COVID-19 patients. 

The good news is that recent initiatives in healthcare are paving the way for safer treatment in personal injury cases during the pandemic.

Keys to Receiving Safe Medical Treatment

Telehealth: Remote Healthcare during Crisis

Remote medical care or Telehealth enables professional consultation from home. Doctors are able to assess the severity of the injury through video conferencing by viewing the site of injury and posing key questions. They request that medical patients following a personal injury perform simple movements to gauge cognitive awareness and range of motion. 

Doctors prescribe and deliver medication such as painkillers to the address of the patient. Medical professionals usually usually conclude the session with a follow-up telehealth session.  

Medicare provides greater coverage for Telehealth services. The 1135 Waiver set in motion on the 6th of March 2020 enables individuals to benefit from subsidized or waived telehealth fees. The waiver is a step up from Medicare’s virtual check-insandE-visitsthat were offered with restrictive prerequisites.

Medical Contacts

The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel has compiled an exclusive list of healthcare facilities and practitioners for our treasured clients. We understand the difficulties in seeking prompt treatment during these tough times. Our healthcare contacts are well-equipped with the skills and telemedicine technology to provide quality, comprehensive healthcare throughout the pandemic. 

Our contacts also provide emergency surgery. Such cases are handled through preventative measures. Such measures include spaced-out appointments, the donning of personal protection equipment (PPE) and regular sanitation of healthcare facilities. 

Legal Counsel for Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury remains a serious nationwide issue. We highly recommended for injury victims to seek proper legal assistance if you have a case. Medical fees for injury treatment and surgery can be extremely costly. Thus, seeking an experienced attorney will help you receive the compensation you need for your insurance claims and healthcare bills. 

The Law Firm of Walter Gabriel is experienced in representing clients in all forms of personal injury cases. We are located in Midtown Atlanta, GA, and represent clients throughout metro Atlanta, and we have an office in Alexandria, LA. We have represented clients in a wide range of injury disputes, with great success. Contact us for a FREE consultation and learn how you can receive swift compensation for your personal injury claims.

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