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When to Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer – Our Guide

Law Firm of Walter Gabriel May 5, 2020

Finding the right truck accident lawyer in Metro Atlanta is important.

The trucking industry plays a vital role in ensuring the stability and growth of the economy in the United States and all over the world. These oversized vehicles make the import and export of goods and services across the state possible and faster.

Along with its benefits come the downsides. Because of the vehicle’s large size and weight, when truck accidents happen, they cause a bigger and wider impact.

In a year, an estimated 500,000 trucking accidents happen in the US, and according to World Health Statistics, road traffic crashes will be the fifth leading cause of death in the US by 2030.

If you find yourself in a truck accident situation, it is important to contact a truck accident lawyer immediately. Here are instances when you need to contact your truck accident lawyer and how they can help:

  1. As soon as the accident happened

Being involved in an accident is traumatic, especially if you’re the victim. Though things may be scary and overwhelming, do not forget to hire a truck lawyer as soon as you can.

Your lawyer can help you put things into perspective. They can collect and protect any valuable evidence that can help you with your case. They can also search for and talk to witnesses of the accident to further get enough backing to your story. Later on, your injury attorney can help you determine what kind and what amount of compensation you should ask for.

Delaying this step may lead to evidence manipulation that can harm your entire case.

  1. When the insurance settlement is offered

After the accident, you should expect a settlement from the insurance company of the truck driver. Seek your lawyer’s help in assessing whether the total amount you are getting is the right fit for your situation.

You may be tempted to accept what they offer to forget about the accident and move on; however, most of the time, the amount offered by the insurance company does not fully reflect the other expenses you need to cover. You need to consider how much your injury impacted your life.

Will your injuries mean you’d lose your job? Will it incur dates off for work? How about the bills you need to pay for the months you’d be jobless? Will they shoulder your medical bills and medicines? Will they pay for any other property damages involved in the accident?

Your lawyer would know everything you have the right to get, and they can do the negotiations better for you. Hire an injury attorney so that you don’t miss out on any of these.

  1. When you want to fight in court

There are instances when the insurance company and the truck company itself won’t agree on your terms and requests. This situation will require a court hearing to arrive at a settlement. If your injury won’t allow you to attend these sessions, your attorney will then represent you in court.


Being a victim of a truck accident can cause physical pain and emotional shock. Though the situation is never easy, you’d need to know your rights and not settle for anything less. If you’re having trouble with understanding the situation or what your next steps should be, the best you can do is hire a good accident lawyer with years of experience to help you.

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