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Why Your Truck Accident Case May Be Taking a Long Time to Process

Law Firm of Walter Gabriel Aug. 18, 2020

Why your truck accident case may be taking a long time to process often depends upon a number of factors. Knowing the nature of driving, the act itself is risky no matter where you go. This is because many factors play a part in the chances of getting into an accident. The uncertainty of driving is the scariest part. Knowing that accidents involving trucks happen often, you’ll want to know what to do if it ever happens to you.

When you are against a truck in a case, it is important to maximize the payout’s potential size. This is especially if you sustained life-changing injuries. We have compiled a quick guide on factors that influence the length of your case involving a tractor trailer.

If you often make trips on highways, you are well-aware of the fear of driving next to a huge truck. These are extremely large vehicles that can cause severe damage to you and your car. Which is why you don’t want to be on the receiving end of an accident with one!

The Payout Size

When it comes to truck liability insurance policies, these normally have huge coverage values. For semi-truck vehicles traveling between states, it must have at least $750,000 in insurance, whereas oil tankers need $1 million. This number is even higher for vehicles hauling certain hazardous substances and chemicals. The law requires these trucks to maintain a minimum of at least $5 million!

The problem is, vehicles traveling within Georgia normally have lower minimum requirements. They may carry as low as $300,000 for some commercial vehicles that haul basic goods. Truck accidents still have a lot of money at stake. This means that every single penny will be reviewed and verified to get the right compensation for damages, which is normally done through an obsessive and overly comprehensive read-through.

The Accountability

Each truck accident will involve a strenuous investigation, and with higher levels of damage, this will be done even more thoroughly. Accidents that have complex factors normally take longer to complete than ones with a clear cause-and-effect relationship. 

Things like respect for the speed limit, reckless driving, DUI accusations, weather conditions, and other kinds of human mistakes will be taken into account for both parties. 

The Status Of Your Medical Condition

It might not be a good idea to confront and finish the case as soon as you can, especially if you are still healing from the injuries caused by the truck accident. Your personal injury attorney will help you determine the plan of action based on your medical treatment’s final cost. This will offer a much clearer picture of how much you’ll need based on the damages or grievances caused against you. 

Having an early estimate turn out wrong can leave you needing to spend your own money on treatment. While hanging the final settled amount isn’t impossible, it’s certainly a long and arduous process. Waiting long enough to fully recover and heal will give you a better understanding of how much you should be getting from the accident without having to make multiple claims to your insurance.

Why Your Truck Accident Case May be Taking A Long Time to Process – Conclusion

Truck accidents usually never result in something good. The damages caused by vehicles that weigh tons heavier than your smaller car are massive and almost always cause horrible injuries. If you or someone you know has suffered from an accident with a truck, contact Walter Gabriel attorneys in Georgia for the best personal injury lawyers.

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